start where you are

There are about ten other things I should be doing right now but I am going to stick to my word and complete this post today. The weeks fly by so quickly! Soon this blog will not be as critical because I have been creating content for my new blog/site, Why Did I Eat That?. It’s a fun and exciting new project I’ve been working on for over a year and I think you will enjoy it. Soon come.

Image from upcoming book, Why Did I Eat That?

Happy Monday Folks!!

The weather in New York this past weekend was superb-o-licious! I think I may have taken only 8 photographs the entire weekend which is pretty weak for me. I had chosen to be super present; however, in hindsight, I could really use a few good images. There was just enough ME time plus I was able to connect with a few friends – old and new. My Friday night ended with a full belly and smiles. I highly recommend the restaurant, Saraghina, located in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. It’s been open for a while and many of my friends have been there 3 or 4 times by now so when a relatively new friend prompted me to pick the place for us to meet and share some food, I jumped at the opportunity to visit this low-key, rustic Italian spot which resembles an old farmhouse spanning the entire length of the quaint yet urban block on Lewis Avenue. The staff is extremely friendly and forthcoming, openly sharing their love of food and the neighborhood to anyone who’ll listen.  The ingredients were fresh, a farm-to-table establishment; and, although the menu is quite small, it’s difficult to choose because everything looks so very delightful. 3 Thumbs Up from me!

Basketball players in Chinatown, May 2010 NYC

The coming weeks will bring about more new challenges for me. It is one thing to have an idea and something all together different when it comes to execution and delivery. I want to be there but I am only here. I wish I knew that but I only know this. If only I had more information or access to better resources…I want to be an expert NOW!

Well, I am not; therefore, I have been making do with what’s available to me and, on occasion, whining in the process 😦

Does pollution really cause hair loss?

During the beginning of a meditation session yesterday, our teacher says if you have a thought, it’s okay, keeping counting and don’t judge yourself: Start where you are. Immediately, this resonated with me because for the past several weeks, I’ve been struggling with new software and ways to execute my vision. I am often stuck on the fact, that I don’t have the skills to execute my ideas and find myself wishing I was somewhere else in the process of learning. The mere utterance of that phrase was like a thump to my head and heart. My internal response was, Preach Mama! That’s all I needed to hear. Essentially the message was, Be Present and Honor Your Place in Life. I have gotten pretty good at this; however, just like anyone else living in a super techie and media-driven society, I get overwhelmed and distracted.

Strawberry Doughnut from Doughnut Planet NYC

Speaking of distractions, I never shared my doughnut experience with you. It had been almost three years since I ate half of a doughnut. I was certain my teeth would fall out on the spot. Needless to say, I had no intention of ever eating another one of those things in this lifetime. Yet two weeks ago, after an invigorating lunch-hour yoga class at YogaWorks in SoHo, a friend and I stumbled across the DOUGHNUT PLANET. After a bit of doughnut banter with the huge worker who clearly has had his share of doughnuts, we hastily walked towards brown cafe for some coffee (her) and tea (me) for which to savor our heavenly doughnuts. She had strawberry which were made with fresh strawberries and tender loving care. Yum! And I purchased two different types of chocolate but only ate one of them that day. I haven’t stopped thinking about that doughnut since that day but will not go back at least for another month. Moderation!

Chocolate “Blackout” Doughnut from Doughnut Planet

Well, I would never stop writing if I shared every bit of my week or weekend. I’m no longer the jack rabbit I had been when I first arrived to NYC but I still get around. It’s no doubt the beautiful weather has everything to do with it combined with my curiosity for new-ness. There is a world out there and I love exploring it, don’t you?

brown cafe on Hester Street NYC 2010
Inside the brown cafe, they also have a restaurant called orange

This week, take your time and savor your family, friends, food, experiences, and environment! We are a fortunate bunch of dreamers and schemers who too often focus on the past or future while letting the moment pass us by. Let’s all be present and grateful for each and every moment life brings us!

Thanks for reading and have a productive week!

Greetings and well wishes to J.R.

Smiles and Sunshine