happy people

Happy people don’t write. – Edna O’Brien (author of The Country Girls a book I’m reading now)

I could not agree more. My journals are filled with phrases of longing and imprints of heartache and sadness. I noticed this one day as I flipped through the pages of my 20 or more diaries. When I am extra happy, the camera is my most loyal companion and the pen is forgotten like an overworked pair of boots.

Hence this blog with its mini-anecdotes and random photographs. Typically, if all is going well in my world, I make photographs and don’t feel the need to express myself in words but having a blog forces me. When I am working through life’s downs and ups, the words come more easily and my desire to make photos is buried beneath the heaviness and hurt. But again, knowing that I need to update my blog pushes me to shoot even when I don’t feel like it. I am grateful for Lala the Sunchaser for many reasons.

Having a blog is a great disciplinary exercise plus it’s awesome for the heart space. Each day I walk the streets with a watchful eye and present spirit, I try not to text while walking or talk on the phone too much cause I just may miss some thing or someone interesting. NYC is full of eye candy, engaging scenery, and beautiful art work.

Today, I wish to document that I am HAPPY, HEALTHY, WHOLE and ENJOYING MY LIFE –truly!

July has been about working lots, connecting with folks, and pushing beyond my comfort zone, beginning with a hang gliding adventure in Middletown, NY and ending with a two hour reiki session.

My one month “boot camp” experiment did wonders for my health and productivity. Only, as of now, the thrill has gone and I have been sleeping in later and later with each passing morning. Yet I am still waking with the sun which feels great. And, lastly, I am following my heart, using my voice even when I am unclear about how my words will be received.

I often ask myself, what is the worse that can happen if I speak my truth or make a move. If I can live with the consequences, I take a deep breath, leap into the unknown, and concentrate on a positive outcome. So far, so good!

The photos are of new and old friends. I love working in SoHo – it’s super inspiring and I am always meeting new people or bumping into old acquaintances 🙂 Give yourself a hug today and have a beautiful weekend. *Lala*

SIDE NOTE: Even when I write about my “troubles” or heartache, I always end my journal entries with a show of gratitude because I realize my problems are minuscule compared to others and I feel awful complaining about such trivialities. Giving thanks for options, opportunities, good health, a wonderful family and friendships, peace of mind, talents, a bright spirit, amenities, and love. And thank you for being a part of my life — directly or indirectly!

My lens was foggy underground but I totally love this guy’s sense of style. We had a brief interaction after work one day.

HAPPY SUMMER! HOT ! HOT! HOT! YAY!! Oh, go to the beach, I was there 2 weeks ago and it only took one hour to get there!