new HAPPY year

Give thanks for we have made it to another year! It amazes me how fortunate we are to be alive in this day and time. Boy, we have it ultra-easy compared to those who have lived before us.

I am extremely grateful for my good health, for clean water, for earth and sky, for my amazingly fit body, for my incredibly supportive and fun-loving family, for a strong heart, for a decent, safe, and comfy home, for experiencing love in many forms, for an abundance of food (a special shout out to Kale and Beets), for friends who inspire me, care for me, tolerate me, and teach me, for the many skills acquired over the past 15 years, for art and the artists, for creativity, for reiki, for vipassana, for yoga, awareness, for dopamine, for the ability to travel, and most of all, for peace of mind (stillness).

Each year gets better even when it feels like a tough one. Hindsight is a teacher and blessing. With each triumph, loss or mis-hap, I discover that the universe is on my side and everything that has happened to me has made me stronger, wiser and more capable.

For me, 2o11 will be primarily about 3 things:

1. My New Web Site and Book Project (W.D.I.E.T)
2. Love, Partnership, and Relationship Building
3. Awareness, Conservation, and Education

What about you?

I want to acknowledge the people who inspire me, encourage me and accept me. I love each and every one of you tremendously with a whole heart and positive spirit. Thank you for being a part of my life and for keeping our friendship or relationship alive and ticking!

You know who you are!

Lots of love and productivity in 2o11!



quiet as kept

February 27, 2010 – 4:50am

End of Day of Silence.

Overall the day was totally relaxing and peaceful. There were only two times during the day did I wonder what was happening in the world. Is my family well? Were there any new natural disasters on earth? How is the media reporting Obama’s bi-partisan healthcare discussion? What happened on Oprah today? and there were many moments where songs entered my mind …

I spent most of the day just being still, reading a little, giving thanks, eating (of course), practicing yoga, and writing:

The feeling of isolation lurks but it is not an overwhelming one. The snow has finally ceased and now we are left with virgin snowy mounds accented by filthy slush as evidence of life in a big city. Outside my home has been anything but silent. There has been the continuous scraping and screeching, punctuated by honking horns and the cries of children having fun.

I stepped outside around two o’clock because I could see the sun peeking out and the random noise had seem to come to a full stop. I could no longer resist being with the fresh snow and touching the white clusters of wondrous coolness. I walked one block to the nearest playground and began to snap a few photos as proof that I had survived yet another New York snowstorm.

It’s been years since I made a snowman so I created Quirky, an androgynous miniature snow being. Do you like his belt?

Just as quickly as the sun had appeared twenty minutes earlier, it had vanished behind the clouds even quicker. Darkness and wetness descended upon our heads and I could see others picking up their pace, running for cover, just as I.

I am encouraged to do this more often, perhaps not for an entire day, but for a few hours as a way of focusing and being still.

Nearly six years ago, I attended a 10 day meditation retreat in Massachusetts called Vipassana. It was one of the best decisions I have made; I plan to participate again in the not-so-distant future. I highly recommend it for numerous reasons. For me, it was as if my internal hard drive was downloaded and cleared for new energy, thoughts and desires. This workshop is totally free and open to the public.

I hope that your day was as peaceful and pleasant as mine. Happy weekend!

Lala the Sunchaser