saturn day trip

boy, time sure flies by…this post has been on my mind since i attended the 4th Annual New York Art Book Festival a week ago but for some reason, i am just updating it now. it is almost 2 am and i should be sleeping but i am not. i am what some people call a “night owl” without the wings, however.

it’s been over a year since i made a trip to queens, new york. when i discovered that the the NY Art Book Fair was being hosted by P.S.1, i jumped at the opportunity for a date with my camera and private thoughts. that’s a lie. initially, i asked my good gal friend to join me but at the last minute she bailed so i made the journey alone. no worries, i can make it to queens on my own. it took me all of 3 hours to actually leave the house but i made it to the C train with plans to catch the V train to my final destination. yeah right. it was not that simple for many reasons: one being that this is freakin’ new york city and simple is the complete antitheses of anything nyc; secondly, it was raining baby kittens; and lastly, the V train ‘does not run on the weekends’.

did you know that? i did not.

anyway, after catching the C to West 4th St. then the F to 34th St., and finally the E to 23rd Street (in Queens), i arrived three blocks from MoMa’s P.S.1. i could have gone to Ithaca, NY in the same amount of time but that was not part of the plan. the festival itself was a baffling labyrinth of artists, tables, books, stickers, magazines, curious folk and their counterparts who appeared to be as lost as i was. after such a lengthy journey, i felt compelled to have at least one meaningful conversation before leaving the clamorous space. i had two actually but this is the one i remember most. i met a man who is a photographer who takes photos of other people’s photos then puts them into a category and makes small square-shaped books containing these images. hhhmmm. intriguing … kinda. i gathered that he was making a statement about true art vs. contrived art but i could be way off.

it didn’t matter cause i was ready to hit the streets again in search of something to devour (i.e. eat).

i exited the red brick edifice in hopes of finding a ‘cute’ cafe that carried the perfect afternoon snack. no such luck but directly caddy corner — or is it kitty corner — to P.S.1 sits a heavily spray painted building that screams, Photograph Me Now!!! which is exactly what i did.











truly incredible work by a few of the aerosol artists at 5Pointz!

my day was far from simple but it was totally enjoyable and enlightening at minimum. my journey home was even more adventurous with a stop to union square for some fresh vegs and fruits and to Whole Foods for a bag of sweet clementines. i also listened to the latest zero 7 album, yeah ghost, which served as a lovely travel companion. new york city stole my heart yet again on a saturday afternoon; and despite the fact that i returned home with a sore throat, i felt inspired by seeing something new and bringing home images to share from my trip to saturn – i mean queens.