thank goodness for sunshine (tulum pt 3)

as the rain plummets, i am grateful for my comfy home and the warmth of my loved ones this evening. my morning was spent at home with my Babes and my afternoon could not have been more loved-filled if you had given me a truck load of L-O-V-E.

Sugar Daddies exist in Tulum too! Mexico 2009

i attended a women’s healing ritual and meditation with a good friend and i am so happy that the stars aligned so that i could be present. last week, i had made plans to have dinner with a friend visiting from California, let’s call him BT. when my girlfriend, MAM, asked if i could attend a meditation with her on Sunday (today), i had reluctantly declined given that i had already made plans with BT. since i had asked him for some serious one-on-one time, i could not reschedule our meeting; therefore, i responded to my girlfriend with “oh shimmy, i have plans … next time” via a text message. not even 48 hours after MAM’s invitation, BT wrote and said that while he was meditating it became apparent that he should spend the day indoors on Sunday preparing himself for his speech — the reason why he is on the east coast in the first place.

i know you’re thinking “WTF, make your point Lala!”

Shopping in the town of Tulum, Mexico 2009

anyway, he emailed to see if we could move our meeting forward to tuesday afternoon. “for sure, no worries, perfecto!” was my emailed response. this freed me up to go with my girlfriend to the women’s healing ritual. YEAH!!

Chatting with a local man - I need to learn Spanish...

don’t you love it when the “stars” or the “universe” or “whatever” moves things around so that you CAN have your cake and eat it TOO?

Beer Belly; Tulum, Mexico 2009

there were so many beautiful women in attendance this afternoon, i felt honored just to be in their presence. five hours later, my face is still glowing from the many hugs, kisses, and healing energy that were spread throughout the large space. it’s been many years since i have attended a church service but this experience was reminiscent of the after-church gatherings during my childhood years. some women were crying, others were immobilized, and many seem to be beaming with joy,  just as i was. what does this story have to do with sunshine? well, like LOVE, it comes in many forms; and today, it appeared in the smiles & touch of several powerful and amazing women.

The streets are named after constellations, just like the shops

the sun is our greatest source of energy! we are composed of energy! energy is life! and life is meant to be lived, shared, and appreciated.

in town; Tulum, Mexico 2009

in Haiti, during these tough times where an enormous number of people are un-certain of what life has in store for them, it’s the responsibility of the rest of us to lend a helping heart and hand. i am sending positive energy and love to all of those who are searching for a little sunshine – a basket of hope – no matter where you are ! more specifically, i hope that Haiti will recover and heal from this catastrophe soon.

Hammocks; Tulum, Mexico 2009

sometimes, we need to share our loving sun energy with others in times of need which is why we need to travel, read, listen, and conserve our energy. let’s keep the people of Haiti in our hearts over the coming months. perhaps, i will make it there before the year is up…let’s see.

There are food vendors everywhere in town; Tulum, Mexico 2009

I’ll never forget a few words of encouragement my mother gave me over 18 years ago when i was super down, she said to me:

There is nothing you cannot handle. If a challenge presents itself, it is because you are strong, capable and will prevail with effort and plenty of faith.

Driving while texting seems to be an issue everywhere you go!

thanks for reading, as always! plus, i have sprinkled the last of the Tulum, Mexico photos throughout this blog post in hopes of adding more sunshine to your day!

Sombrero anyone? Tulum, Mexico 2009

have you booked your ticket yet? what are you waiting for?! travel then travel some more!

love, peace and prayers

I didn't see one rat or roach in Tulum but that's b/c he's on the case!

Lala the Sunchaser

Posada Luna del Sur - the best B&B in Tulum!! towel art at its BEST.

beach dreaming (more of tulum, mexico)

My last blog posting boasts of me becoming a fierce and strong warrior, akin to Harriet Tubman, who is working to overcome my fear of Mr. Winter. I must confess, I am not doing so well – I would give myself a D+ at best. Not having stepped one foot out of the door since New Year’s Eve, I am a hostage in my own home. As long as I have food, I am capable of staying indoors for up to one week before going stir crazy. Just writing those words seem unhealthy yet it’s the truth. Unable to sleep tonight, I laid in bed tossing, turning, and beach dreaming of being with the sun, sand, and vast ocean as the winds howled and hollered outside my bedroom window.

Below are more photos from my recent stay in Mexico. This time, I will spare you the commentary — the photos plus their respective titles shall speak for themselves. As I mentioned, I traveled with a good friend, Dar, who is a fellow sunchaser.

Details of our trip:

Where: Tulum, Mexico (December 2009)
Cost of Flight: $212.00 USD Jet Blue Airways
Transportation from Airport: Bus directly from airport to Playa del Carmen then to hop another bus to Tulum for $11 total
Hotel Stay: Posada Luna del Sur (located in town – the owners are absolutely wonderful and the place is ultra-clean
Cost per night: $75 divided by 2 people (with continental breakfast included) – you can find places from $40 to $700 per night depending on your budget
Bike Rental: Iguana Bike Rental in town for $9 per day (if Jugo is not around then come back, he is usually close by)
Average spent for food daily: $20 per day and this is only because I enjoy eating well
Favorite restaurants/food spots: Taco Sausalito (the best food in town!), Charlie’s, Puerta del Cielo (3 fish tacos for 80 pesos on the beach)
Tours: Posada Luna del Sur set up a Biosphere Reserve Tour via Sian Ka’an ( – This was fantastic, like a beautiful dream:) and our tour guide, Antonio is extremely knowledgeable and made for the jungle. He even ate a termite. $77 USD including dinner

Youngsters in the town central

Mural - Violence Only Begets Violence

Low Density Jungle of Biosphere

Antonio, Tour Guide for Kian Saan

I love NATURE!

Along the beach near the Kian Saan restaurant

Our boat captain

My NATURE art 🙂

Mother & Daughter on the tour from Barcelona

It was the MOST beautiful day!

Lala and Dar at small Mayan Temple

The bridge where the residents go fishing

Dinner after the Biosphere Tour

Antonio on the boat

Dar, Budding Photographer Extraordinaire

Loved this mother & daughter!

Goodbye Lagoon - Sunset

I have so many more images to share so I will do one last post on Tulum next week! Happy New Year and May All Your Wishes Come True! **Lala**

sunny tulum mexico

seeing that it’s a whopping 16 degrees Farenheit in new york city, i find it necessary to conjure up memories from my recent stay in Tulum, Mexico. oh, how i’d give anything to be back in this magical Mayan/Mexican town where the sun shines bright and the fine white sand serves as a refuge for any lost soul.

Aahh! the beach. Tulum, Mexico

my first encounter of Tulum was last year over the Memorial Day weekend. i was hired to shoot a wedding on the beach for a beautiful couple who were referred to as Damvina (a cute combination of the couple’s first names)…check out their photos in Quicktime by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page. what an amazing weekend!

Mayan Art

the wedding experience was remarkable and the natural beauty of the beach inspired me to make a return trip last week. it was time for a Vitamin D refill; and, since a good friend had made plans to go for a first-time visit, i decided to tag along.

on the beach of Puerta del cielo (Mayan-owned)

of course, there are stories and activities that i wish to share but, for today, i would rather write about one particular instance.

considering that we were staying in the town of Tulum, we rented bikes to ride the 8 km distance to the beach. one sunny day, shortly after breakfast, i headed to the beach alone with purple bag in basket and my bikini underneath summer dress. just as i was approaching the beachside, i felt myself smiling. i mean cheese-ing — even beaming — and it was totally involuntary. at that very moment i was the happiest woman in the world! LOVE was all around me. i felt PEACE. i was ECSTATIC to be alive. only the beauty of nature mattered and my spirit was singing its praises via an ear-to-ear smile.

Lala the Sunchaser (YAY!)

i am totally aware of what does it for me and that is: sunshine, bike riding, the feel of sand, the sounds of the ocean and/or good music, a full belly, LOVE, pen&paper, and the ability to capture beauty with my handy camera.

There are beautiful birds everywhere.

there was a moment where i began to call out the names of my many loved ones and friends saying the words THANK YOU before each name really loud! it’s my way of sending sunshine your way!

quote from Budda (Buddha:)

my wish for you in the coming year is that you find yourself smiling and moving to the magical rhythm of life. i hope that you experience moments of sheer bliss and total gratitude just as i had on the beaches of Tulum.

First sight of the beach while on the bike!

my goal this winter is to enjoy moments like this without realizing that it is FREEZING OUT…it’s all in the mind and anything is possible when you wrap your head around it!

Sunset in Tulum-BREATHE!

think about the fearless leaders who have faced adversity and much harsher weather conditions while marching towards a goal for the good of ALL kind. my personal hero is Harriet Tubman. and by the weather today, i can tell that i am going to need her guiding strength to make it through what i expect to be my last full winter in new york city … i am very close to finishing my first book project so i gotta tough it out.

the next post will outline, in more detail, the adventures of my stay in tulum, mexico … so stay tuned.

With LOVE and CARE!

with love*peace*happiness

happy holidays !