St. John: skinny dipping in the dark of night (interview w/ Erica)

Happy Tuesday to You! My weekend was pretty low key yet productive. I am growing busier by the day – which I love considering I had the longest vacation ever last year. I’ll write later in the week but in the meantime, check out an interview with another great friend and world traveler, Erica. I met Erica at her neighborhood boutique, Addy & Ferro years ago. She is a lovely person who is ambitious, focused, and adventurous! Thanks Erica for sharing your experience in St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Where were you born and where do you live now?
I was born in Harlem, NYC and now live in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

Are you under 30 years of age or older?

When did you first leave your country and describe that experience?
i was young, maybe 9, so i don’t remember exactly, but it was probably a family road trip to Montreal. I remember getting spending money from my dad and having to exchange it for Canadian money and how different the money looked. I also remember us stopping at the boarder answering travel/nationality questions driving there and back.

Do you have any fears? If so, please describe.
there are things in life that i worry about, but i don’t have any fears that i can think of.

How do you spend most of your days? Working? Studying? Etc?
good question… i’m not on a schedule right now, so each day is different, most days are pretty leisurely

How was the trip funded?
i used points for the airfare, camping was inexpensive ($12.65 a night), i also did a one week work/exchange at the campground and stayed with friends.

Why do you travel? What do you enjoy most about it?
i love exploring new places, taking in natural beauty and seeing how people live life in other parts of the world. i always feel like part of me grows when i travel. i enjoy having new experiences and learning something new outside of my everyday world.

List 3 of your favorite travel destinations and why?
little corn island, Nicaragua, st. john, u.s.v.i., – i love nature, tropical places and the beach

morocco – going to the sahara desert was amazing, the food, markets, people, culture, riads

How many languages do you speak? or do you plan to speak?
i only speak english, would love to learn another language one day

List the your 5 things you bring with you when you travel.
passport, camera, a book, i-pod, sleep mask

What is your least favorite aspect of travel?
probably flying and being around “tourists” versus other travelers

What is your earliest memory of traveling?
road trips driving from harlem to either atlanta, ga to visit family or florida for my mother’s annual tupperware conventions.

Tell me about your last trip in a warm place? Where did you go, how long did you stay and what was the purpose of your trip?
st. john u.s.v.i. to celebrate my 40th birthday with friends, stayed for 12 days in an eco-tent on a campground on the beach, it was beautiful

During this trip, what was your most memorable conversation and with whom?
i had a few good conversations with friends, but had a moment skinny dipping solo in the dark of night when i felt like i was conversing with the universe and getting guidance and love from my ancestors. it was pretty moving.

Would you return? If so, where would you go or see?
definitely! beaches: trunk by, cinnamon bay, peter’s bay

What was your favorite meal and where did you eat it or who prepared it in St John?
my favorite meal was Lobster at Sheila’s Pot a Caribbean food stand in Cruz Bay ($15 and there was enough for three meals), and Scallops at Sweet Plantain’s a Caribbean food restaurant in Coral Bay. The food was delicious!

Do you have any other trips planned for the year?
michigan womyn’s music festival

What or who motivates you to keep living and thriving? What inspires you?
love from family and friends motivates me, i’m inspiried by future possibilities of happiness

Please identify the most important aspects about being alive, in your opinion.
love, family, friends, learning, growing, experiencing, happiness

What is your relationship to the sun? and earth?
i’m fueled by the sun, i love laying in it and taking in its energy, i enjoying being close to the earth by camping and sleeping on the ground or being barefoot.

Are you happy?
i am happy more often than not

who’s bad?

By reading the title of this blog post, you may think that the next few paragraphs are going to be about the bad man and legend, Mr. Michael Jackson. Not exactly but I will take this moment to say R.I.P. Mr. Jackson and thanks for making amazing music and moving millions of people to the beat of your personal rhythm!

See the beautiful images my good friend and photographer, Ocean Morisset, took in Harlem today.

The world is still mourning the loss of the baddest (that’s bad meaning good:) entertainer of this century and it appears as though any scheming entrepreneur or enterprise is capitalizing on Michael’s untimely death. It almost reminds me of 9/11 – the tee shirts, buttons, photographs, and make-shift memorials — except thousands of lives were lost and our government made plans to go to war before the tears could dry.

Don’t get me started … moving right along …

Given that the first anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death also fell on the World Cup games between Brazil and Portugal (0-0) then Chile and Spain (1-2) … it’s no wonder the streets are buzzing with THRILLER-like mania.

Since 1930, every four years, countries all over the world — correction, “industrialized” countries all over the world — are awarded entry into the championship football (or soccer) games. The World Cup is the most watched sport in all of the universe. This year, the games are being held in South Africa! I have two or three friends who made the trip because they are die hard fans. I, myself, enjoy the vibrancy that spawns from this momentous event but I could do without it from a spectator’s point-of-view. I would almost rather play any sport than watch it.

And, for us single ladies, the World Cup is a great way to meet men from all over the world or at least be in the company of non-American men. Nothing against the American guys … it’s more about the man, for me, but who doesn’t love the sound of a foreign accent or the taste of a refreshing caprihina. For example, if you’re into French men, then go to a French bar when France is playing then smile a lot during half time πŸ™‚

There are three more weeks until the championship. Who will make it to the finals? I am routing for Brazil, of course. A sure bet considering they have won the World Cup five times already!


Love and Stuff

p.s. i was too caught up in World Cup hype at Cafe Noir to take one single photo 😦