new HAPPY year

Give thanks for we have made it to another year! It amazes me how fortunate we are to be alive in this day and time. Boy, we have it ultra-easy compared to those who have lived before us.

I am extremely grateful for my good health, for clean water, for earth and sky, for my amazingly fit body, for my incredibly supportive and fun-loving family, for a strong heart, for a decent, safe, and comfy home, for experiencing love in many forms, for an abundance of food (a special shout out to Kale and Beets), for friends who inspire me, care for me, tolerate me, and teach me, for the many skills acquired over the past 15 years, for art and the artists, for creativity, for reiki, for vipassana, for yoga, awareness, for dopamine, for the ability to travel, and most of all, for peace of mind (stillness).

Each year gets better even when it feels like a tough one. Hindsight is a teacher and blessing. With each triumph, loss or mis-hap, I discover that the universe is on my side and everything that has happened to me has made me stronger, wiser and more capable.

For me, 2o11 will be primarily about 3 things:

1. My New Web Site and Book Project (W.D.I.E.T)
2. Love, Partnership, and Relationship Building
3. Awareness, Conservation, and Education

What about you?

I want to acknowledge the people who inspire me, encourage me and accept me. I love each and every one of you tremendously with a whole heart and positive spirit. Thank you for being a part of my life and for keeping our friendship or relationship alive and ticking!

You know who you are!

Lots of love and productivity in 2o11!


happy people

Happy people don’t write. – Edna O’Brien (author of The Country Girls a book I’m reading now)

I could not agree more. My journals are filled with phrases of longing and imprints of heartache and sadness. I noticed this one day as I flipped through the pages of my 20 or more diaries. When I am extra happy, the camera is my most loyal companion and the pen is forgotten like an overworked pair of boots.

Hence this blog with its mini-anecdotes and random photographs. Typically, if all is going well in my world, I make photographs and don’t feel the need to express myself in words but having a blog forces me. When I am working through life’s downs and ups, the words come more easily and my desire to make photos is buried beneath the heaviness and hurt. But again, knowing that I need to update my blog pushes me to shoot even when I don’t feel like it. I am grateful for Lala the Sunchaser for many reasons.

Having a blog is a great disciplinary exercise plus it’s awesome for the heart space. Each day I walk the streets with a watchful eye and present spirit, I try not to text while walking or talk on the phone too much cause I just may miss some thing or someone interesting. NYC is full of eye candy, engaging scenery, and beautiful art work.

Today, I wish to document that I am HAPPY, HEALTHY, WHOLE and ENJOYING MY LIFE –truly!

July has been about working lots, connecting with folks, and pushing beyond my comfort zone, beginning with a hang gliding adventure in Middletown, NY and ending with a two hour reiki session.

My one month “boot camp” experiment did wonders for my health and productivity. Only, as of now, the thrill has gone and I have been sleeping in later and later with each passing morning. Yet I am still waking with the sun which feels great. And, lastly, I am following my heart, using my voice even when I am unclear about how my words will be received.

I often ask myself, what is the worse that can happen if I speak my truth or make a move. If I can live with the consequences, I take a deep breath, leap into the unknown, and concentrate on a positive outcome. So far, so good!

The photos are of new and old friends. I love working in SoHo – it’s super inspiring and I am always meeting new people or bumping into old acquaintances 🙂 Give yourself a hug today and have a beautiful weekend. *Lala*

SIDE NOTE: Even when I write about my “troubles” or heartache, I always end my journal entries with a show of gratitude because I realize my problems are minuscule compared to others and I feel awful complaining about such trivialities. Giving thanks for options, opportunities, good health, a wonderful family and friendships, peace of mind, talents, a bright spirit, amenities, and love. And thank you for being a part of my life — directly or indirectly!

My lens was foggy underground but I totally love this guy’s sense of style. We had a brief interaction after work one day.

HAPPY SUMMER! HOT ! HOT! HOT! YAY!! Oh, go to the beach, I was there 2 weeks ago and it only took one hour to get there!

sunny tulum mexico

seeing that it’s a whopping 16 degrees Farenheit in new york city, i find it necessary to conjure up memories from my recent stay in Tulum, Mexico. oh, how i’d give anything to be back in this magical Mayan/Mexican town where the sun shines bright and the fine white sand serves as a refuge for any lost soul.

Aahh! the beach. Tulum, Mexico

my first encounter of Tulum was last year over the Memorial Day weekend. i was hired to shoot a wedding on the beach for a beautiful couple who were referred to as Damvina (a cute combination of the couple’s first names)…check out their photos in Quicktime by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page. what an amazing weekend!

Mayan Art

the wedding experience was remarkable and the natural beauty of the beach inspired me to make a return trip last week. it was time for a Vitamin D refill; and, since a good friend had made plans to go for a first-time visit, i decided to tag along.

on the beach of Puerta del cielo (Mayan-owned)

of course, there are stories and activities that i wish to share but, for today, i would rather write about one particular instance.

considering that we were staying in the town of Tulum, we rented bikes to ride the 8 km distance to the beach. one sunny day, shortly after breakfast, i headed to the beach alone with purple bag in basket and my bikini underneath summer dress. just as i was approaching the beachside, i felt myself smiling. i mean cheese-ing — even beaming — and it was totally involuntary. at that very moment i was the happiest woman in the world! LOVE was all around me. i felt PEACE. i was ECSTATIC to be alive. only the beauty of nature mattered and my spirit was singing its praises via an ear-to-ear smile.

Lala the Sunchaser (YAY!)

i am totally aware of what does it for me and that is: sunshine, bike riding, the feel of sand, the sounds of the ocean and/or good music, a full belly, LOVE, pen&paper, and the ability to capture beauty with my handy camera.

There are beautiful birds everywhere.

there was a moment where i began to call out the names of my many loved ones and friends saying the words THANK YOU before each name really loud! it’s my way of sending sunshine your way!

quote from Budda (Buddha:)

my wish for you in the coming year is that you find yourself smiling and moving to the magical rhythm of life. i hope that you experience moments of sheer bliss and total gratitude just as i had on the beaches of Tulum.

First sight of the beach while on the bike!

my goal this winter is to enjoy moments like this without realizing that it is FREEZING OUT…it’s all in the mind and anything is possible when you wrap your head around it!

Sunset in Tulum-BREATHE!

think about the fearless leaders who have faced adversity and much harsher weather conditions while marching towards a goal for the good of ALL kind. my personal hero is Harriet Tubman. and by the weather today, i can tell that i am going to need her guiding strength to make it through what i expect to be my last full winter in new york city … i am very close to finishing my first book project so i gotta tough it out.

the next post will outline, in more detail, the adventures of my stay in tulum, mexico … so stay tuned.

With LOVE and CARE!

with love*peace*happiness

happy holidays !