i don’t know why…

i don’t know why
my heart beats
when it sees you
and my eyes smile
and along the street
i follow you
but nonetheless
you flee from me

if you only knew
how tender i am
so tender, so tender
how my love is sincere
i know that you would no longer flee from me

come come
and feel the warmth of my lips
seeking yours
come and satisfy this passion
which devours my heart
then only in this way
i will be happy
so happy

i cannot take credit for this gorgeous choro love song….i can only share its words with you and hope that you find a love that makes your eyes smile 🙂

i will board my flight later this afternoon…thank you for this day!

to litter is to lie

One of my TO DO BEFORE YOU LEAVE tasks was drop off a bunch of clothes to Salvation Army. I have been cleaning out my closets for 3 weeks; therefore, I was really ready to rid myself of extra stuff I had not touched for over a year. The SA branch near my house was closed so I left 4 bags of cloths on the corner of Hanson Place and S Portland for all of you clothes whores — or shall I say madames. That includes the male species as well — you know who you are.

On my way to make the drop, I noticed an older man, possibly in his early fifties or sixties, drop a Newport cigarette box on the ground. My number one pet peeve is littering. To litter is to lie. To be untruthful to spirit and to defy nature which works hard to recycle and reuse. It is difficult for me to stand by and watch any one litter. So as not to upset the man, I said, “excuse me sir, you dropped something”. He said, “no, it’s an empty box”. I asked him to hand it to me and followed it up with a very sweet, “please don’t litter sir. We share the same neighborhood and I want to live in a clean neighborhood.” He handed me the box and said sorry — a few times. Then we parted ways.

I can see that his troubles in life were far greater than worrying about the street clutter. He worked hard or at least he would like to think that he has. And yet, in still, he does not have anything to show for it so why should he care. I say, one must start somewhere so start with self. To be quiet is no longer acceptable in my viewpoint. Silence breeds complacency. Scary thought.

happy birthday to all of the Gods born today

Zietgeist – The Final Version

Hope you are having the most loveliest day; I am. merry christmas ! See that wasn’t so hard. Two words that bring smiles to faces all over the world; therefore, it can’t be that bad. I am a huge proponent of smiling!

4 more days to clean, organize, and meet!

Enjoy the flick if you have not already…the Addendum is on the google video site as well.

holiday non-spirit

For the past 8 years, I have passed on celebrating xmas. It is not my holiday because it is centered around being Christian which I am not. This morning I began reading Confessions of an Economic Hitman — long overdue but I wanted the time and emotional energy to embark upon this journey with John Perkins, a man who worked as an EHM for over two decades.  We are 2 days away from Christmas and the people of New York City are buzzing around with their best faces on and pocket books in hand. I was reminded of  the Holiday non-spirit when reading this paragraph from Perkin’s story:

The corporatocracy [corporations, banks, and government alike] is not a conspiracy, but its members do endorse common values and goals. One of the corporatocracy’s most important functions is to perppetuate and continually expand and strengthen the system. The lives of those who “make it”, and their accoutrements –their mansions, yachts, and private jets–are presented as models to inspire us all to consume, consume, consume. Every opportunity is taken to convince us that purchasing things is our civic duty, that pillaging the earth is good for the economy and therefore serves our higher interests.

how does it work?

I have a vision for my blog but today I have realized that perhaps this vision will not come to light. I will figure it out. It is Thursday and I am secretly hoping that it will snow tomorrow afternoon…a big snow before my long journey to Brazil. YAY!

It is Friday, December 19th and I have decided to update the Pages to your right so check out “i see” and “i listen” and have a happy Friday!