it can get better

Recently, many young people have taken their own lives because other cruel people and society made them feel worthless, strange, and different. Although I am not a homosexual, I emphatically support the gay community and I would like for every one to realize that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED and DESERVE LOVE in all forms — no matter your color, age, beliefs, nationality, economic status, or sexual orientation.

My brother’s girlfriend shared this video with me. It was produced by a few employees who make movie magic at Pixar Studios. We must BAN or speak out against artists/musicians/politicians/clergy men and women/family members and friends who ostracize or abuse others. Too many people speak as if being gay or transgender is a sin or bad thing. It absolutely is NOT and we must not tolerate this behaviour. It can get better if more of us, speak out against cruelty and violence done to members of the gay community.

Whether you are homosexual, bi-sexual or heterosexual, I am sure that you can relate to what is being said here. Acceptance and respect of other people directly relates to self-acceptance and self-love.

If you are gay and have considered, suicide, reach out to someone or go to:
The Trevor Project.

Please share this YouTube video with your loved ones and have a restful weekend!


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