animal instinct

recently, i picked up a copy of the book titled, I Like You: Hospitality under the influence, by Amy Sedaris. on page 18, she lists several ways one can learn more about oneself. my top 5 out of 9 are:

– Wing It! Quit your job without any financial plan or backup savings.

– Sleep with someone Chinese.

– Write yourself a fan letter.

– Put something small in your anus during lovemaking.

– Spend time at the zoo. Record how the animals react to your presence.

with the exception of the first item on the list above, i have not tried any of the others. however, coincidentally, the day after i purchased this book, i had planned to visit the Bronx Zoo.

i wondered, how would the animals respond in my presence?

it was an extremely warm day so they seemed a bit peeved but i made a connection with the lions or feline population. i totally adore BIG cats! actually, i have a fondness for most large animals including dogs such as, Great Danes and Mastiffs.

also, the butterflies and i particularly bonded. my mother began collecting anything “butterfly” after my father passed. at one time, she believed that he was re-purposed in this form. perhaps this is why a few of them stayed still long enough for me to photograph them.

visit the Bronx Zoo this summer. there is so much to see! and wear comfortable shoes because the park is 265 acres and you will be walking lots unless you pay extra for the tour trolley.

NOTE: on Wednesdays you can pay-as-you-wish 🙂 Other days, it’s $15 which is the price of one cocktail in NYC.

Have a happy and productive weekend!

Thanks for reading and keep smiling !!!

Happy Hugs


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Mom
    Jun 12, 2010 @ 19:48:03

    Thank you for the butterflies. Beautiful.


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