like riding a bike

Greetings and Happy Summertime!

OH, what a difference the weather makes. Even if you prefer cold weather, one can’t help but smile on a sunny day 🙂 you know it’s true!

I feel a bit disconnected from the blog because I’ve had 2 different house guests over the past two weeks and it’s difficult for me write sometimes with new “energy” in my space. I’ve been working and playing pretty hard as of late so for the Memorial Day weekend I made no firm plans. However, each day turned out to be full and fun-filled … so much for resting.

There is so much to share; I am not sure where to begin. I’ll start with the most recent activities. Yesterday around 11am, I sent a text message to one of my buddies that read:

Wanna go for a bike ride soon?

His response:

A bike ride sounds good, what time is soon?

We met an hour later then biked a few miles until we arrived at a make-shift park along the water. We chilled for some conversation and people watching while soaking up the sun’s rays. We agreed that it was time to eat so we made our way into the heart of hipsterland (Williamsburg) for fish tacos and avocado chips. We vowed to keep this authentic spot to ourselves which is why I can’t tell you the name of the restaurant but it was yummy; however, the portions were much too small for my gargantuan appetite.

After some random picture taking (he’s photo-happy too), we rode some more in search of dessert and drinks. Well, that’s all she wrote … you know, most of my best days commence with a long bike ride.

Five hours later, we were on the dance floor at the Brazilian bar and bistro, Miss Favela. A fantastical evening of live forro music, laughter, samba, Brigadeiro, and un-adulterated fun-lacious-ness, the air was hot and the crowd, hotter. My feet are still aching from stomping and my heart is forever warm n’ fuzzy from the many hugs and beijos (kisses). I hadn’t been to Miss Favela in nearly two years and just like that, I was in the fold and shaking my hips to the samba rhythm again. Just like riding a bike.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving” – Albert Einstein

These words have special meaning to a person like myself — a mover and a shaker. If I am not producing, creating, building, or working towards a goal, I become hard and lifeless like a pitiful rock. I gotta keep the ideas and energy flowing and trust that love will follow me!

WIth gratitude, warmth and smiles always


Health Pip: add lemon to your water especially if you had too much to drink or loads of dairy or sweets! Lemon breaks down mucous and this is a good thing because mucous can cause dis-ease.

(This week I’ll update the blog one more time because I mentioned I have so much to share but this post is long enough already)

If you have a bike, ride it!

If you don’t, rent one or ask a friend to borrow their bike!

It’s a great way to explore different neighborhoods plus exercise in the process.

This just in from my blogging buddy, Hos! Talk about positive affirmation:)

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