a work in progress

blogging is fairly new to me, i started a blog in an effort to keep in touch with family and friends during the last winter’s stay in Bahia, Brasil.

currently, nine months later, i am blog-happy and have decided to focus my main postings on international travel. the title of this blog, The Adventures of Lala the Sun Chaser, simply speak to my personal quest to be happy and free while basking in the glow of our most powerful energy source, the sun. if you haven’t noticed by now, i am not a fan of the cold — despite the fact that i grew up in pittsburgh, pa. it hurts my skin and bones 😦

as i travel far and wide, i will continue to share my adventures and if i am not air bound, i will share the stories of my friends – old and new – who choose to see the world in all its splendid glory. it is my personal mission to NOT take for granted the enormous sacrifices made by my ancestors who were forbidden to step foot off the plantation for nearly five centuries — plus i love new experiences. if you do not have a passport, start the process today by clicking here. it is most important…Mom.

in the coming weeks, i will add interviews from friends who recently traveled to Ghana, West Africa and Sudan, East Africa. stay tuned…

since i do not have time to blog daily, i have added pages to your right: eat or be eaten, laugh & love, listen & learn, and watch & see.

i update these pages several times a week with food related info, videos that make me laugh, music i enjoy & news stories that intrigue, and suggestions of movies to watch or rent, respectively.

hence, if you check out my blog and think, ‘nothing new here’, click on the links to the right and have a happy day!


your local Sun Chaser,


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